We wanted to write an update on our recent post about Ellipal. Here it is.

We have all seen the recent deplatforming of certain apps in app stores. That got us thinking. What would happen if Bitcoin wallets got deplatformed? One of the Ellipals amazing features is the Ellipal app which gives users real-time portfolio updates. The app is also used to send funds through a series of generated QR codes.

So what would happen if the app was removed from the app stores or became inaccessible? It’s a great question that we received and we wanted to address what Ellipal had to say about it to create some clarity.

We reached out to Ellipal and this is what they had to say.

First of all Kudos to the team over at Ellipal. They have the best customer service. They always answer back quickly and work to answer all your questions. Good to mention we have never contacted them for any hardware issues. The devices are seriously amazing and do everything they say they will.

That being said. Our concerns melted away knowing that we could easily restore our wallets using our mnemonic phrase. Hopefully, Ellipal comes up with some innovations to allow the continued use if by chance the app were to ever be removed.

The chances of apps being removed are slim but being bitcoiners, we always like to think about how to protect and limit vulnerabilities.

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We hope this helps.

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