Looking for a Metal Mnemonic for bitcoin?


The COBO Tablet Plus

Looking for a metal mnemonic wallet for bitcoin?

We went looking for a metal mnemonic wallet and we found COBO. The folks over at COBO have you covered. Say hello to COBO Tablet Plus. A metal mnemonic wallet that stands head and shoulders above the rest. An excellent and inexpensive way to protect your seed phrase.

Design features.

The first thing you will notice about this tablet is the design, size, and weight. Thirteen screws hold the COBO together. The screws prevent anything from coming loose. The screws go clear through to the other side of the wallet. I thought they were tiny gems. It’s a really interesting look. After removing the screws, the panels slide apart very easily to reveal a separate slot for each letter. After you organize the words for your phrases you’ll find that the tiles slide into their slots with zero effort.

Ease of assembly.

You may be thinking that assembling a metal mnemonic wallet has never been fun or exciting. A cool feature we liked was the clear sticker back for all the letter sheets. The sticker back letters definitely made it easier to manage. Those stickers came in real handy. They helped keep unused letter tiles organized.

Take a look at what’s in the box.


A small screwdriver.

Two COBO stickers.

Instruction manual for those not familur with metal mnemonics.

Four letter tiles A-Z for your Mnemonic enjoyment.

Discount coupon to put towards your next purchase.


All up this is a great metal mnemonic wallet for bitcoin and we want to thank the people over at COBO for sending this to us to review. They have an assortment of other wallets and bitcoin accessories that we will continue to review in the coming weeks. For the price, we think this is the best wallet to get to protect from fire and flood. Here is a list of pros and cons that might help.


Super durible steel wallet.

Easy to assemble. Machined letter tiles fit perfectly in place.

Size is perfect for storage in a RFID bag, safe or pocket.


Fingerprints. It will need to be wiped down to look its best.

Screwdriver isnt magnetized. Those little screws can be tricky and a magnetized head on the driver would have been helpful.

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Get your COBO tablet Plus here.

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