Bitcoin is a spectacular invention. Unfortunately, it attracts some shady characters with bad intentions. Here are a few tips. They could be the difference between you mooning with Bitcoin or getting REKT by a scammer.

Five simple Tips to follow online.

  1. Social Media. When a stranger sends a message with a friendly hi or hello, you can be certain that it’s probably a scam. Social Media scammers love to DM potential marks with promises of big gains and guaranteed returns. First of all the only guarantee in life is death. So when that message promising huge returns comes in, do yourself a favor and ignore it.
  2. Verify the scam through the username. Always take a minute to verify the sender and look for irregularities like names with an extra letter or underscore. All telltale signs of a fake account and checking usernames is a great way to prevent scams.
  3. Fake exchanges. Never share your email or share personal information with people you don’t know. If someone is asking for your info and promising huge gains, they are most certainly setting you up for a scam.
  4. Be cautious when strangers send you business certificates to verify they are legit. This may appear to be real but you can be sure it’s not. This is a popular technique that just screams scam and it happens every day.
  5. Use the right wallets. Make sure you research and read reviews before downloading a new wallet. Fake versions of wallets have shown up in app stores. Watch out for email Phishing scams too. Always check for legitimacy before you click a link.

Your Sovereign Wealth.

There will always be new scams and these are just a few ways to stay safe on the internet. Ultimately bitcoin doesn’t have a customer service department. This is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Some see it as a good thing while others shake at the thought of being on their own. Wherever you stand, it’s important to know that you and you alone must take ownership of your coins. Take responsibility for keeping them safe, so don’t be careless.

In conclusion; DYOR, ‘(Do Your Own Research) take your time and make sure you understand what you are working with before you move any funds. 

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